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You might remember us as Camp Fire Girls, (which is a key part of how our organization began) but fast forward to 2020 where ALL youth are welcome at Camp Fire; we serve every kind of kid, from every kind of family, from every walk of life.
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Spots for Summer Day Camp are limited, and we are no longer accepting online registrations. Please call Cathy at 205.584.6033 for more information about how to register your child for 2021 programs. Thank you!
SAVE THE DATE! Join us for our 9th annual 'S'mores & Pours' event at Avondale Brewing Co. on Thursday, June 24 from 5 - 9 p.m. Stay tuned for more info!
CAN WE COUNT ON YOUR SUPPORT? In the next year, our new dining hall will become a central part of the Camp Fletcher experience — and we’re building it with your help. Click on the image to learn more...